Australis Barramundi – Steamables Meals

Australis Barramundi is one amazing fish. Not only is it eco-friendly, it is one heck of a healthy fish! Barramundi is rich in omega-3s, free of mercury, half the calories of salmon, and it’s sustainably raised. The Australis website has tons of information regarding how the Barramundi is farmed and more information on where to purchase the fish and steamable meals.

I tried four out of the seven steamable meals that the Australis has to offer. I enjoyed the steamable meals. I found that in the time they specified for the microwave to cook the meal was perfect. I also was in awe of how fresh the fish and food tasted being that it was frozen. This is not your typical frozen meal! The servings on the nutrition facts say two, but I definitely thought the portion was about perfect for one person, so definitely not two. It was not an American portion size! However, it was a healthy portion even though I did feel a little hungry within one hour of eating it. But I’m by no means a healthy portion girl, despite my slim size.

Going down the list of the ones I tried:

Seafood Pomodoro
This was amazing, definitely my favorite. My husband tried this as well and he loved it. He loved how the Barramundi tasted and how the pasta was seasoned. I thought the sauce was delectable, not that sweet basil sauce taste that I hate. He thought the pasta to fish ratio was great; he said, “they aren’t stingy with the fish and I like that”. Actually all of the steamables had a great ratio of fish to carbs.

Seafood Penne
Yum. Even if you don’t enjoy seafood, which I really don’t, I loved this. The fish was very well seasoned, tasted fresh, and the pasta was great. It was soft, creamy, and filled with flavor.

Seafood Veracruz
Super surprised that I enjoyed frozen rice. I usually never buy frozen meals with rice because I hate the taste. Either the rice is flavorless, hard, or just too soft. I loved this rice and this meal. It really surprised me! I’m definitely a picky eater, so I skipped over the black olives, peppers and capers. However, I was happy that those ingredients were there because I can taste how well seasoned this was and it was delicious. I’m very particular of how I like to eat my fish, this didn’t have enough sauce for me to really enjoy the fish but nevertheless it was good, I still prefer the Barramundi in lemon sauce or something sourer.
Seafood Risotto with Barramundi

Seafood Risotto
This one I enjoyed the least. Honestly, I barely got to finish it. Perhaps I was not in the mood for eating seafood, I do have random food moods. Unfortunately, I have never tried risotto so I have nothing to compare it to, perhaps I don’t like risotto in general. The herbs for the risotto was pretty much stuck to a certain portion, even thought I tried to mix it, this attempt failed. The side of the risotto with the herbs was actually eatable, the other not so much. For the positives, I loved the shrimp; it was much larger than the shrimp found in the Seafood Pomodoro. The Barramundi tasted fine, wasn’t as delectable as in the other meals, however the texture was great. I love how the Barramundi doesn’t fall apart when cooked, it reminds me of Salmon with regards to the thickness of the filet.

All in all, I will be looking out for these steamables, particularly the Seafood Pomodoro, in the frozen section in the future! Especially since I don’t always have time to cook such a great, healthy meal. Thanks Australis!