Sage Valley All Natural White Cheddar Puffs

When I have a snack I always look to find something nutritious – not just empty calories. Sage Valley creates snacks with health in mind, including snacks that are organic, which I have reviewed here and here. I was a bit disappointed that these cheddar puffs weren’t organic, like their popcorn cousin was but they are still all natural as their Multi Grain Chips are. Ranking these three Sage Valley products I have tried I would say these cheddar puffs are my least favorite. Made from puffed rice and corn, to me they tasted mostly like snacking on air. I much preferred the denser Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs instead if I’m looking to have a cheese puff snack.

Though if you are looking for quantity instead of quality, this is your snack. Just one serving size is about 65 puffs at 130 calories. For me I was left unsatisfied nutritionally as it wouldn’t curb my hunger and would rather opt for a snack that would curb my hunger better for the same amount of calories.

I do give credit to this product for seemingly being all natural, when the only ingredient that seemed a bit scientific was “Disodium Phosphate,” but on the positive side, it is Gluten-Free. If you are looking for a quick snack choice, this may be better than a bag of Doritos, but I’d opt for something a bit more nutritionally satisfying.