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Since 2007, everyone here at has strived to get the message out about green living. We want the world to know that when it comes to shampoos, spices, mugs, multivitamins, and more, there are so many incredible eco-friendly options available.

So how have we managed to spread the word? By trying these products personally and providing honest reviews that are never greenwashed or exaggerated. You wouldn’t believe the amounts of teas we’ve tasted, shirts we’ve sported, and cereals we’ve sampled. It’s like one big party over here.

Bring It On
We’ve gotten the opportunity to review products from so many great brands: Kohler, Tom’s of Maine, Bissell, Method Cleaning Products, Patagonia, and Pangea Organics, just to name a few—and our library continues to grow. From organic/natural foods and beverages, clothing, footwear, and camping equipment to home cleaning supplies, beauty items, and personal hygiene products, we’ve seen a lot. But we’re always ready for more.

The “Give and Get”
If you’re interested in having your product reviewed, simply send it along. We’ll try it out and will post a fair unbiased review on our site. We won’t copy information from press releases or anywhere else. Pinky swear. All readers will see our original words and opinions (and some sweet photos of your product, too). Ain’t bartering beautiful?

Our Stats
We’ve grown a great deal since 2007, with 1,000 new visitors each month and over 8,000 Twitter followers, as of October 2014. has been featured on the site and in two major New Jersey-based newspapers, The Star Ledger and The Bergen Record. We were also part of the New Jersey Nets’ “Go Green Initiative” at the Izod Center. Not too shabby.

Advertising Opportunities
If you’re interested in advertising with us (in addition to the free advertising you’ll receive from our review, of course) check out our Advertising Rates for our current rates. Feel free to send us an email, too—we look forward to reviewing your green product soon!

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