StrawSleeves Organic Cotton Case for Utensils + Discount Code

The reuse revolution is here! Carrying your own reusable straw and utensils is now the norm. With these positive actions of bringing your own, comes the difficulty of figuring out how to transport these items. Especially without them coming into contact with everyday germs. You wouldn’t just toss a fork into the bottom of your purse. If you do you hope it doesn’t come in contact with random coins you have floating around in there. Or a half eaten granola bar from last Tuesday.  That’s why this organic cotton case for your to-go utensils is such a cleaver addition to your reusable arsenal.


From this sustainable effort has come the need for cases and coverings.  Keeping these items clean until you’re ready to use. That’s where the StrawSleeves brand got its great idea! Owner, Cheri saw the need and jumped to it. By creating a variety of sleeves to carry and store your reusable straws and now utensils. To find out what I thought about one of their other StrawSleeves products check out my previous review here.

All of the sleeves in their Etsy shop are all handmade. They offer a variety of patterns and colors from reclaimed to organic cotton material. Along with the straw sleeves, metal, silicone and bamboo straws are available for purchase. As well as a cleaning brushes for the straws.

The newest additions to the StrawSleeves Etsy shop are these reusable bamboo utensils, in two sizes. Full size knife, fork and spoon are available as well as a mini/pocket bamboo spork – which I think it really cute because of the smaller size! Both the full size and mini utensils come with their own sleeve to keep everything in one place.

StrawSleeves was so kind to send along a full size reusable bamboo utensil set and organic cotton sleeve for me to review. They also shared a discount code for Leafygreen readers which you can find below. I opted for the blue sleeve, it is also offered in red which is just as beautiful of a pattern. In my previous reusable straw case (see review above) I did try to include a metal fork along with my straw. However, it sticks out of the end since of course the case was designed to be slim and only accommodate straws. This was an ok option until this new organic cotton case became available. I gravitate towards this new product much more since you can always be in need of a full set of utensils.

The Utensils


Since I tried carrying around a metal fork with my reusable straw. I much prefer the bamboo option offered by StrawSleeves because these utensils can be much more versatile. Though utensils are approved by the TSA for carry-on or check luggage. You never know if a certain inspector will find fault and not permit them. So having non-metal utensils are already a great benefit to utilizing bamboo ones. The weight is also a great benefit. It’s much lighter than a set of metal utensils, so it won’t be weighing down any purses or pockets.

I’m so glad that the utensils are bamboo based. It gives me the opportunity to customize them with my laser engraver. So that multiple members of my family can have a set and we can each know who has what set when they done being washed. That’s my little spin on having such a cool set of utensils to make them even more unique!

Although the bowl of the spoon feels smaller than a standard teaspoon. I didn’t feel it detracted from its use at all.  I often carry my Unitensil in my purse. Although it has a built in knife, it is often a struggle to cut something. Especially when I don’t have another utensil to hold the food still while cutting. So having a separate knife is a really nice option to have.

The Case

When I can, I always opt for the best quality materials, organic cotton included. However, when shopping at a thrift store that isn’t always available. When purchasing something new, I pick the best I can. That’s why I am so excited to find out that these utensil cases are made from organic cotton. It is especially important when I know the utensils will often be in my purse awaiting use and touching the fabric they are stored in. Knowing no synthetic pesticides will be worming their way into my food is a nice relief.

The utensils are slim compared to standard silverware. That’s great because they don’t fit too tightly in the case. Which happens to allow a bit of extra room to add your favorite reusable straw. In my opinion, that allows for a perfect to-go set to always be on hand in my car or purse. Perhaps the extra room was intentional by StrawSleeves, knowing that people would like to slip something additional in the case. For me I was able to add a slim metal straw, yet my silicone straw was just a bit more difficult to slide down the fabric so I would consider metal, glass or bamboo for the best use.

The great part about this case is that it is washable! They are machine and hand washable. Which allows you to make sure any food residue that might have found its way into the case after use will be sanitized. You can wash this case in hot water and any detergent to make sure bacteria stay away.

The Verdict

If you’re invested in the environment enough to want to carry your own utensils, this is a great asset to have on hand when you enjoy food out. I do enjoy the extra long length for the case, which allowed me to add a 9.5” metal straw and still have room to add at least 2 more slim straws. You can keep several straws in this case for your kids and have one set of utensils to cut up some food while out and about.

Despite the fact that this doesn’t have any formal closure to the case, I don’t find that the contents spills out at all when it is stored upright in my purse. Perhaps a small elastic cord and wooden button would be a nice option to add for the ability to fold over the top for those that prefer a fully closed case.

I really love the slim design and ability to toss it in any purse on the go and be ready to avoid single use plastics while out. We can’t always plan, but knowing I will always have this on hand makes it much easier for last minute food stops. Knowing that I’m not restricted to a handheld burrito just to avoid single use plastic utensils is even better. I would even utilize my metal straw if I was at a sit down restaurant and wanted to avoid their single use straws. Though I often find that my drinks never truly need straws in the first place.

Definitely consider this organic cotton case and bamboo utensil set if you are interested in reducing your single use plastic footprint and want to feel prepared everywhere you eat out. Use the code SSleafygreen15 to receive 15% off your next StrawSleeves order, hurry because this code expires February 1, 2020. To view and order other products StrawSleeves offers visit their Etsy shop here.  Happy reusing!