Denim Reusable Straw Sleeve and Utensils

Straw Sleeves + Reusable Straws Review

Over the years, my collection of reusable items has continued to grow. Keeping what worked for me and passing along those that didn’t. There have been some truly standout items, which get used constantly, another standout item has been Straw Sleeves. What is it exactly you wonder? Straw Sleeves are of course sleeves for your reusable straw.  To protect it from damage when it travels and all the gross weird stuff that may be living in the bottom of your purse or bag.

What’s even better than protecting your reusable straw investment? By purchasing a sleeve from Straw Sleeves you are helping to keep reclaimed material out of the landfill. Straw Sleeves are available in two different materials.  Reclaimed denim (two styles) and hemp fabric.  I absolutely love that they are made using what other companies might consider as scraps, that could easily end up in the landfill if not otherwise used.


How Well Does It Work?

I have a few different kinds of reusable straws I’ve collected over the years: stainless steel, silicone and glass which I wanted to test out with my new Straw Sleeve. The stainless steel and glass ones fit in great (separately and also together) and felt snug and secure. They were also super easy to remove as well, however my silicone straw didn’t jive with the Straw Sleeve as the others straws did. My two-piece silicone straw slid into the Straw Sleeve fine but I did have trouble removing it, once it separated itself.

Denim Reusable Straw Sleeve

It’s really wonderful that it holds the straw tight, likely because of the dual layer fabric envelope. My large diameter smoothie straw can only fit the Straw Sleeve by itself, however any straw that is standard (skinnier) works great with two straw side by side.  In the interest of always wanting to make things better, I think a slightly larger pocket would be wonderful (like this one) to allow you to slip in a knife, fork or spoon also. You are then all set with all utensils you need to avoid disposables!

Reusable Straw and Utensil Denim Wrap Opened

Straw Sleeves had nearly the same thought I did by wanting to combine multiple utensils into one package. Owner, Cheryl Newcomb decided to design the Multi-Utensil Pack, which is a four-pocket fold-over wrap. By filling the pockets I was able to fit a combined 7 straws and utensils – 4 straws and 3 utensils. This would be wonderful for families, who need to bring many utensils. Once you fold over the flap and roll or fold it up it does tend to feel a bit chunky. Perhaps there could be another model that is a single pocket that you can have all of your utensils co-mingling together that would be less bulky. So if you’d like a more compact version for just a couple of items I suggest the Straw Sleeve instead of the Multi-Utensil Pack.

Reusable Straw and Utensil Fabric Wrap Rolled Up


Alternative Straw Materials

Straw Sleeves is one-stop shopping for reusable utensils, they also offer reusable straws and cleaning brushes. I was able to test out a bamboo straw for the first time as well as a metal straw spoon from their shop. The bamboo straw was as smooth as glass and extremely lightweight. With it wide diameter it was no problem to use with my smoothie. Though my smoothie did stain the bottom of the straw during use, it easily washed right off right away.

The stainless steel spoon straw bought back memories. I had these colored plastic spoons I had as a child to enjoy my cereal and last bit of brightly colored milk. I am thankful that the stainless steel ones are better for our health now! A straw with a spoon at the end couldn’t be more convenient. They also feature a colored silicone band.  Though I’m not sure if its for identifying your straw if you have more than one.  Or if it works as a bumper against the side of your glass.

Having a safe and clean way to tote my reusable’s makes me have zero excuse to use any single-use utensils. Help reduce your “disposable” straw consumption and invest in a high quality reusable! It’s up to us to help leave the planet better than we received it. The biggest bonus from ordering from Straw Sleeves, you will receive your package 100% plastic free!  Paper wrapping and a durable paper envelope are the only packaging my products are shipped with.  Visit Straw Sleeves online to browse their selection via their Etsy page.