PATCH Organic Bamboo Adhesive Bandage Review

In this world of greenwashing and eco-friendly products that truly aren’t, it’s great to find a first aid product that is. PATCH adhesive bandages are plastic-free and 100% backyard compostable, something that traditional (fabric or plastic) adhesive bandages aren’t. Patch bandages also have an added benefit, 3 of the 4 products offered have included healing ingredients directly on the bandage.

Not Just Talk

To me these products are not greenwashing and are impressive because of their backyard ability to be 100% fully compostable in just 10 weeks. According to the company the bandage and the paper wrapping around it are both fully compostable. Any little bit of trash that can be diverted from the incinerator or landfill is always helpful to the environment. Check out this really cool time lapse of this bandage decomposing!

These bandages compost because they are made from a natural source, organic bamboo fiber. Having earth-made products on my skin is better than those made from unknown materials. Since other major adhesive bandage manufacturers don’t often disclose that type of product information.   Knowing what these are made from makes me happier to use more sustainable products. Besides being made from a natural material, they are also latex free for those that have sensitive skin. Expect no red rashes caused by the adhesive from these.

Four Varieties

Each style of bandage has a different topical ointment on the bandage already. Aloe vera for burns and blisters, activated charcoal for bites and blisters, as well as coconut oil for abrasions and cuts. The coconut oil bandages happen to be marketed for kids since they have a fun panda bear pattern.   The activated charcoal bandages are black in color, which I’m not a huge fan of since that makes them so noticeable on your skin. However, 2 of 4 products are of a light skin color. This makes them much more desirable to wear as an adult and draw the least amount of attention.

It would be great if the bandages were also offered in a smaller size or a two size pack. I often don’t find the need for such large (standard) size bandages, especially on fingers. Though their current size isn’t too large at all. Another great benefit to these products are the sturdy durable paper tube that they are packaged in. The containers are so sturdy that parents don’t have to worry when they toss these into their to-go emergency or car kit. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how I can reuse these containers once the bandages are used up. I love reusing!

With the holiday season approaching these would make a great stocking stuffer for kids or adults. If you’re a last minute shopper they are available from Amazon Prime one-day shipping and at selection nationwide retailers including CVS, Anthropolgie and Grove Collective.