Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Flavor Popcorn

As I mentioned in my Sage Valley Popcorn review, popcorn is my favorite go-to healthy snack. With microwave popcorn on my short list of food to try to avoid if I can, I’m more open to air popped and pre-popped popcorn versions. With good nutritional facts that are hopefully similar in flavor to Earth Balance’s Vegan Buttery Flavor, popcorn can get out of hand with the calories from oil flavoring. However that happily isn’t the case with this popcorn as it is flavored with Earth Balance Buttery Spread, it is the spread that started it all, being a critical part of dairy-free eating.

The flavors were right on for buttery and slightly salty popcorn without any worrisome chemicals included. It’s a great convenience to have it already popped but for me that is only if it doesn’t cause any other inconvenience. With 3.5 cups per serving size, I think that is a generous portion for snacking. The majority of the popcorn came along with kernel shells still attached. You know, those that get stuck in between your teeth or in the back of your throat. That I find is usually the downside to pre-popped popcorn and don’t think there are many ways around it. Take the good with the bad and try this plant diet friendly buttery popcorn yourself, the flavor won’t disappoint, but the kernel shells might.