Green Envy Will Make Your Friends Green With Envy

I was super excited to try out some of the fashion pieces from Green Envy. One look at the products they offer and you can’t help but get excited; they’re just cool.

It’s also exciting to read about the products they carry. Green Envy offers products that fall under their “ReLove” policy. That is, all the products they sell on the site are made from materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. Products are fair trade, sustainable, and recycled.

You’d never guess it by looking at them.

The company sent me two pieces to take a look at: their Burgundy Garden Shoulder bag, and their Raven’s Nest earrings.

First, the Garden Bag is awesome. It has a very Boho chic, free-spirited look about it, especially the way it hangs once it’s weighted down with your stuff. It’s made with 100% organic cotton, and uses faux suede for the trim, handles and strap. I’ve been carting the bag around since I got it and it’s held up well.

The Bird’s Nest earrings are another story. These earrings are incredibly unique, and they look really great on.


I hadn’t had them an hour when they broke. The post on one of the earrings simply snapped off as I was taking them out of my ears. I was being gentle, so this was a disappointment. It’s entirely possible that this was just a defective pair. But keep it in mind if you order them for yourself.

The earrings are made with 100% recycled metals, which is awesome. But they are heavy; if you have sensitive ears, you might have a problem with these earrings.

Green Envy is a company that’s trying to bring eco-conscious fashion to the mainstream. Their selection is awesome, and it’s obvious that whoever does their ordering has good taste. I love their commitment to reusing materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Their products seem to be high quality overall, and I’m sure the earrings I received were probably a fluke. I’d still recommend checking out their site, because they do carry a lot of unique pieces you simply won’t find anywhere else.