Leafware Compostable Plates

Just as I loved Verterra eco-alternative dishware I love Leafware’s plates just as much.  There is really no reason to use paper or styrofoam plates.  These plates are made from palm leaves, so they are super strong.  Leafware has several different shapes for their plates, which was very nice from the usual round or square plates.  The heart shaped plates are very cute and well liked by children.

leaf ware reviews

Unfortunately their website does not specify what you can do with these plates; if you can put them in the microwave or not or even if you can use them for liquids like cereal or soup.  I decided to use them for that anyways, they held up very well.  It did tend to soften the top layer of the plate, but didn’t soak through to the table.  These plates are a great alternative to paper, that I wish everyone would use.

The only downside to these I saw was that you have to order these only from the website.  They are not offered in stores, as other compostable plates are, so a bit less convenient.  I guess I just prefer to not buy everything online and would rather have the option to pick these up when I do my food shopping.  But that has nothing to do with such a great product, that works better than paper plates.