Mrs. Meyer’s Limited Edition Mini Soy Holiday Candles

Our review comes just in time to grab those last minute stocking stuffers, these mini soy candles by Mrs. Meyer’s would be a great idea. Limited edition only for the holidays they are priced to sell, at $2.50 for a 2.9oz candle at your local Target stores.

These candles have a fantastic true scent to them, as in they truly smell like the real thing-not artificial. Iowa Pine has a scent of a true Christmas tree, with a hint of cedar and clove. I burned it while setting up and decorating my artificial tree, it helped me to imagine what it is like to have a living tree at Christmas time.

I found that these candles, when first opened are so fragrant that they don’t even have to be burned yet to allow the rich scent to fill your room. With that said, I left the orange clove candle hidden in my bathroom for an entire week to see if anyone noticed a difference. They were amazed when they found out it wasn’t some sort of plug-in air freshener, just an unburned candle. This warm and spicy scent evokes images of orange peels and cinnamon sticks simmering away on the stove, as it fills your house with holiday cheer.

These soy candles are created with the earth in mind and will last a 12-hour burn time, hopefully long enough for you to finish your Christmas Day clean up and relax with these enjoyable scents. And when they are done just clean out the wax and use them to store small holiday goodies, like hooks and mini ornaments, it’s better to reuse than recycle. To grab these before the holidays are over, visit your local Target store or Mrs