Late July Organic Classic Saltines

Organic crackers may not be that high on the list of foods that you should make sure you eat organically, since it’s certainly not included in the list of the dirty dozen produce items to buy organically. Despite being used to calm stomach sickness, being a quick snack and a great add-in for soup or chili, regular saltines are generally made with difficult to pronounce words and many man-made ingredients-such as riboflavin (vitamin B2), partially hydrogenated oils and thiamine (vitamin B1).

For me if my body is in need of vitamins I would rather eat fruits, vegetables or proteins to get those vitamins, not have them chemically engineered and added. Since saltines are cheap in cost, it’s no doubt that they are cheap in ingredients. Which is why I was happy to find out that there is an organic option for saltines. These crackers came to exist only because of the founder of Late July, Nicole Dawes was in search of organic crackers herself back during her first pregnancy. She wasn’t able to find any organic saltines, so she decided to make her own. Allowing her to leave out some of those ingredients that are unnecessary, like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

I am very happy to know that this product came from Nicole’s own need for a health product. To me, these saltines are nothing like their unhealthy counterpart. They are not even square, but round in shape and seem much more flakier/airy and lighter. These saltines seem much more high class for a simple cracker, which I think is great. Making them feel more homemade, they don’t even come packaged in sleeves of crackers, but just a bag full of them. That might result in a few more broken crackers than you are used to but I think that is a great trade-off for the quality you are getting. I was very happy for the chance to try these crackers and even happier I was able to find a noticeable difference in taste and texture. For the higher price they are, it is completely worth it knowing you are getting great organic ingredients. They also have Classic Rich crackers, which are similar to Ritz crackers with a buttery taste.