Frego Reusable Silicone Storage Container


In my effort to streamline my zero waste habits, I’ve taken to collecting more glass jars and containers to help me live plastic-free. Building a collection of various seizes and types of containers takes, as I try to only purchase them when I come across them at the thrift store. The only issue with preferring glass containers instead of plastic is the high chance of breaking them if you aren’t careful.


That’s why I’m glad I came across Frego’s All-in-One containers. They offer two sizes of glass containers, which are encased in silicone. Perfect for food storage with no glass breakage. With a silicone cover, it totally seals the food in. Use it with or without the silicone base cover. Soup can easily be transported with no leaks, as well as keeping fragile food safe from bumps and bangs.


I’ve constantly been using the 2-cup container for meals on the go, including lunch with pasta salad, a snack of pretzels with peanuts and olives, another snack of yogurt with granola as well as a breakfast of overnight blueberry oats. Though I haven’t used it in the over, it is over safe for the glass up to 600°F and the silicone is safe to 464°F. They are also safe in the freezer to -40°F!

I brought this container, loaded with sliced apples to a day-long festival and was so pleased that it helped to keep my apples nice and cool. It certainly was useful that the container acted like a mini refrigerator to keep things cool while being stored near an ice pack.


Reusable containers are making a comeback and that is great for the environment and our stylish lunchboxes! Frego comes in 2-cup & 4-cup plus a variety of sizes, check out their web-store for all colors.

Question of the day:
What type of containers do you use for your food storage on the go?