My First Experience with Lunette Cup

Though this article is geared to the ladies, even if it doesn’t apply to you, I encourage you to read on. Period talk shouldn’t be taboo as society has made it, so let’s change that by sharing my experience.

I originally found out about the Lunette Menstrual Cup while attending Natural Products Expo East last year. At the time I was excited to learn about something I never knew about before. The thought of leaving tampons behind was so freeing to me. That’s why I was so interested in this new to me period product, because even on heavy days an ultra tampon doesn’t help for very long. Lunette is wearable for up to 12 hours, that’s four more house than any tampon should be worn! I can use all the extra time I can get and not have to be worried to find a bathroom while away from home.

Just as tampons have a learning curve, so does the Lunette Cup. However, you will be excited to get your period and begin to learn all about its use. Lunette’s website is full of tutorials and instructions for first time users. I certainly read everything there was to read before and during use. My best advice is to chill out and stay calm. Nothing makes first time use scarier than being stressed and tense.


Every body is different and some will need to adjust their fit more than others. For me, the Model 2 needed no adjusting or trimming. The first month I tried it unfortunately didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. I only used it for part of one day after getting freaked out because it was troublesome to remove, especially when I didn’t follow the removal directions correctly. The second month of use went a lot smoother once I got some advice directly from the Lunette staff. I planned to use it while at home because I would be the most comfortable that way when learning the ropes of Lunette’s use. With a bit of practice I could see emptying the cup in a public restroom not to be a huge problem, but I have yet to empty it public restroom. It was no problem while at a family member’s bathroom, but the convenience of a sink being 2 feet away is encouraging. If only all public restroom stalls had sinks in them, only some airports I’ve visited had such conveniences. Below is a helpful chart at the ways Lunette suggests you can fold the cup for insertion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 11.23.24 AM

Though I received the Lunette Cup for review, I ordered separately for myself the cup wash and to-go wipes. Mostly because I wouldn’t want to use just anything to wash the cup when it’s being used in such a sensitive area. When you have the cup inserted you might think it isn’t doing its job because compared to a tampon it might feel like it’s leaking. That is just a feeling you will get used to/will go away as you wear it and your flow lessens.


While moving around all day, I wasn’t even concerned about checking the cup as it wasn’t very noticeable that I was wearing it. If you can’t feel it, then you’ve got it in place correctly, if it is uncomfortable or you can feel it, it needs adjustment. As a backup and to save my panties, I always have an ultra thin pad (I hope to switch to a reusable one soon!) I am also considering trying Thinx as a more zero-waste alternative for that extra protection; it’s hard to deal when you have a heavy flow. Lunette doesn’t guilt women into using their product to avoid creating trash, but for me, using Lunette for that exact purpose is a huge reason for my switch.

Lunette is the key to helping me eliminate my monthly trash occurrence and for that reason I am going to continue my use of Lunette until it is as simple to use as a tampon. Practice makes perfect (or darn near close to it!)