Everyone Face Tone

Looking for a gentle and refreshing facial toner? Everyone Face does a great job keeping my skin clean and rejuvenated. This face toner is made of flower extracts, essential oils, and ingredients derived from lemons and oranges.

You can use it once or twice a day. I usually follow up my morning cleansing routine with a spray of toner. In terms of scent, it has a light citrus aroma to it. It feels like water on your skin, and does a great job hydrating your face.

Though the product is not completely organic, it uses organic ingredients as much as possible. The ingredients in this product are safe and pose no dangerous threats to your health. They don’t include parabens and are toxin free, although there are some concerns on the EWG website in regards to the use of Citrus Medica Limonum, which is basically a lemon peel extract. Though lemons aren’t flagged as harmful, there has been some debate over it’s effects according to the European Commission .

However, there are many benefits to using Citrus Medica Limonum. According to Nutrireseach.com, lemon acts as an “antibiotic, an astringent, an antiseptic”. It is also “ very beneficial to the circulatory system and helpful with cellulite and aids with blood flow”. This is why I like the fact that it is used in the toner. The astringent and antiseptic properties of the toner prevent my face from breaking out as much as it normally does.

Like I stated before, I really hope that one day EO products opens a line for acne prone skin, one that uses tea tree oil and maybe green tea. However, until then, I will use this product as a toner for whenever my face needs a cool refreshing mist of hydration. I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a gentle toner. It’s safe, affordable, and paraben free.