Everyone Face Remove (30ct wipes)

Looking for unscented, non-toxic, paraben free make up removers? Look no more, this make up remover works great. It doesn’t leave any oily residue behind. It’s unscented, safe to use, and affordable.

Everyone Face Remove Wipes are compact and easy to take anywhere. I leave it in my purse and bring it with me everywhere I go. Though this product isn’t organic, it is still gentle on the skin and has not left my face with any allergic reactions or acne flare-ups. In fact, it is gentle enough to use on my acne prone skin.

At first, I was hoping that the facial wipes would leave at least some type of refreshing scent but as stated on their website, it really is unscented. It reminds me of gentle baby wipes. I personally wish they had one that smelled like lavender, but that is just my preference.

What I do love about this product is that it uses Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. According to Cosmeticinfo.Org, aloe is used in many skin care products to soothes dry skin by reducing flakiness and skin inflammation.

Personally, I think this product does a great job removing my make up. I love using this product right after work. I hate leaving make up on my skin and this product gently removes it. Not only does it take my foundation off right away, it even helps me take off that pesky eye shadow and eyeliner.

Overall, I recommend this product to my friends. It’s non toxic, paraben free, and is really affordable at just $6.99 for 30 wipes.