Wild Garden Hummus

Wild Garden makes all natural, preservative and trans fat free hummus and the baked pita chips to match. I’ve been bringing the hummus to work in the last few weeks and I have to say, I’m really liking it. The hummus is smooth, creamy and not full of oil and spice. Wild Garden does offer flavored hummus, however, I’ve only tried the plain so far. The Wild Garden Pita Chips (plain) remind me of healthy Ritz Crackers. They are not salty, crispy and fresh tasting. Wild Garden sells their hummus in A&P Supermarkets as well as online and more.

At the A&P the Wild Garden products are NOT located near the other hummus brands. They are located near the chips and snacks, so keep your eyes and nose open. Try them out, they are small company with a great product. Stay tuned for more reviews of some of the other flavor hummuses and pita chips. Click here to check out the Wild Garden Community online.


** UPDATE **

I noticed that Walgreen’s carries Wild Garden. I saw hummus near the chips last night! This is good news for you hummus fans.