Tyler Warren Toe Foo

Simple Shoes is known for their commitment to the environment, their charities and making a sustainable shoe that is comfortable and durable. Green Toe line is no exception. Green Toe is the green line of shoes and more that is constructed of sustainable goods such as bamboo, organic cotton, recycled car tires, crepe, jute, cork, PET and held together with water based glue.

Tyler Warren, a surfer and artist from Dana Point, CA. designed his own Toe Foo flip flop. I’ve been wearing this shoe for the last few days including all day Saturday. The first thing I liked is the design. From the website, you get a profile view at the shoe, but that does not do the shoe justice. The design is so complex and full of Earthy, recycling, green drawings with leaves and intricate patterns mixed in. The natural color is more of and off white or eggshell. These flip flops are very comfortable, there’s an arch, and reinforced bottom soles. The fabric is not abrasive on your toes. I really enjoy the soft, cushiony feeling that the soles have. Toe Foo’s are sturdy, but light and not bulky. Perfect for walking to the local grocery store or walking to your friend’s house.

The shoe was shipped in hardly any packaging which reduces waste in the world. So, check out Simpleshoes.com and get your green shoes, Hippie! I did

Simple Shoes