Wicked Cranberry Chutney Review

I sat in the dim room, the only light provided by the flickering TV set in the corner. As I flipped through the channels, I heard story after story of war, of civil unrest, of oppression. I stared, unwavering, trying to fathom every horrid detail, trying to make sense of wrong and right, trying to see the good behind the bad, and I thought “Man, am I hungry.”

I decided to go to the fridge and try the Wicked Cranberry Chutney that Mike gave me, produced by Cotton Mountain Kitchen based in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. I grabbed some whole wheat crackers, poured a little of the chutney in a bowl, and dug in.

Cotton Mountain Kitchen

The first thing that hit me was the ginger taste, a delightful surprise that I was not expecting at all. The refreshing cool and tart taste of cranberry next hit my taste buds, followed by another hint of ginger. I was in heaven. Not too sweet, not too tart, a roller coaster of taste sensation.

Over the next few days, I used the chutney to accompany my homemade recipe for granola pancakes, as well as topping a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Each time, the chutney added a little something that enhanced the flavor of whatever I had, without overpowering the dish it was served with. The only problem I had with it was the sometimes overwhelming whole berries,? as opposed to chopped or minced berries, but the overall experience is more than worth your while.

You can purchase the Wicked Cranberry Chutney by clicking here or locally and tell Sharlene that Leafygreen.info sent ya.

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