Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Care

I had the opportunity to use the almond facial care line by Weleda. The facial care line included soothing cleansing lotion, soothing facial lotion and soothing facial cream. These were to be fragrance free, yet to me still had a very distinct scent, one of which was not very appealing. Though after repeated use I did not mind the scent, but still would not favor it. Perhaps it was the almond oil that each contains that I smelled. It was just not as fragrance free as other lotions are that I have enjoyed.

The surprisingly good part about these lotions is that a little bit of them goes a long way, a very long way. I enjoyed the smoothing cleansing lotion, which did moisturize my skin very well. The one item that would make this lotion even better would be if SPF was added to it, since I generally prefer my lotion with a bit extra of SPF besides the regular sunscreen that I use daily. As the product promised, it did not irritate my skin which I was please with since I am never sure when using new products.
I did not find much of a difference between the three different lotions I was using, which was fine because I used them all in a similar manner anyways. Overall I certainly was pleased to review these products, a few improvements I feel could be made to make it a fantastic product but it is a good choice for any that are looking for an organic skin product.