Weaver’s Organic-Free Trade Herbal Teas

There is something just incredible when a company sees the value of selling organic and fair trade products. I have developed a fondness for Weaver’s, a company that has striven to deliver excellent products while maintaining a good sense of morality.

I have previously reviewed Weaver’s coffee and now I would like to share my thoughts on two of their teas. I tried the Chamomile Blossom Herbal and the Peppermint Herbal teas both are de-caffeinated and eco-friendly!

I was a little disappointed with my experience but I won’t give up on Weaver’s just yet.

First, I tried the Peppermint Herbal. I really did not enjoy this one, but that is because I hate minty teas. The taste however, was very strong and those who like mint in their teas will truly enjoy this herbal as it has a very strong mint presence and does not lack flavor. It felt like Christmas in my mouth! It was a cross between watermint and spearmint; too winter fresh for my taste.

I tried the peppermint herbal tea with my mother’s Zarafina Tea Maker Suite and the consistency was excellent. I did not find any residence of the herbs in my tea and I enjoyed the process of making my tea. Zarafina allowed me to have a quick and easy experience making my first herbal tea!

Next was the Chamomile Blossom Herbal. I unfortunately did not use my mother’s Zarafina Tea Maker this time and I am very disappointed about that. I just used a simple, cheap ball-shaped tea strainer from Amazon with stainless steal mesh. I found that the herbs came through to my tea and I was very annoyed by that. I tried another tea strainer with mesh again and still found that my tea contained some herbs. This was a very unpleasant experience and I practically gave up on this tea because of it! I, however, tried the tea either way. I did find the aroma of the Chamomile to be quite enjoyable and strong. The herb tasted very good. It was not sweet like I am used to my other Chamomile teas tasting like, but I have to keep in mind that this herb is organic and all natural! In the tea’s defense, I have never tried tea in herbal form before, so the taste was a little bland than what I’m used to tasting. Honestly, I would have expected it to be the other way around, but then again the teas I’m probably having are very artificial!

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of learning how to drink tea a different way; in herb form not in little bags!