Vejibag – Cloth Produce Storage

How many times have you wanted to make a salad or eat your favorite vegetable only to find that the moment you open your fridge, get out the bag, and try to place them on your plate they are all slimy or have gone bad? I constantly run into this problem! I have practically given up on fresh vegetables because of this issue. I can’t seem to keep fresh vegetables in my fridge for very long. In just a couple of days my vegetables are all slimy and just not very edible. I also didn’t even take notice that my method of keeping vegetables was not very eco-friendly. I would just simply use a plastic zip-lock bag. I know, I’m a horrible person!

However, thanks to the great people at Vejibag, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore or be disappointed to find my vegetables getting slimy in just a few days after purchasing it. This little tan bag did not disappoint. After a week, my fresh spinach was still not slimy! (Past a week and a half, it will start getting bad but that’s not the bags fault!! Fresh things can’t last that long!) It’s not only the fact that this little bag conserves my vegetables, it’s the awesomeness of the vegetables after a few days of purchase still looking fresh and crisp as the day I got it!

Vejibag is one of those products you’ll think to yourself: why didn’t I think of this? The bag is easy to use, just soak it in water, wring the bag, clean your vegetables and place the veggies into the bag! Since the bag is moist, I placed the bag in my fridge in a bowl, however this is not necessary since the bag shouldn’t be dripping of water when you place it in the fridge!

I love that it’s made of 100% U.S. cotton and it is a business ran by women! What a great company to stand behind and support! If you love vegetables but hate slimy ones, then you must give this Vejibag a try- it will not disappoint!!