Vegan Hobo Damask Bag from Estella Handmade Bags

I was completely smitten by this amazing vegan handmade bag. Being the first item I ever got from Etsy, I can understand now why Etsy is so successful. It is truly unique and precious to receive something that is handmade. Especially when it is so intricately and perfectly made.

When I opened my package to reveal my beautiful damask vegan hobo bag, my grin was wide and my jaw dropped. I was astonished at the details of the stitches and the way everything was sewn together flawlessly. As my hand slowly traced the details of the bag, my hand felt a soft, and fuzzy material as I traced the damask design. To my surprise, the bag is made from a vegan canvas fabric with a velvet print. It is also made cruelty free and from environmentally safe fabrics and materials.

As a looked inside, under, and all over my new vegan purse, I pictured this beautiful woman sewing together my bag- especially for me. This experience is something I could have never gotten from a mass produced product that I purchased, which was most likely made by slave workers in a depressing factory. As sad as that seems, that’s the reality of most products out there that we purchase. I can wear my vegan hobo bag proudly and with a guilty-free conscience.

This vegan bag has gotten me countless compliments; every time I wear it around friends who haven’t seen me use it, I get new compliments. This bag is unique not only in the way it was made but in its design as well. People have asked me where I got this bag multiple times and I’m super excited to tell them! I have used it everyday straight for the past two weeks and I can’t get enough of it.

I love that it matches all my outfits, it’s lightweight and that it’s big enough for me to fit all my things. I found that the three pockets it has is quite enough for my uses; one zipper and two slip pockets that both fit my iPhone with bumper. I used one pocket for my business cards and the other for my phone; which is great since I usually just drop my phone and my keys together in my bag and that does not make for a great mix. I like that the pockets are big and long in depth, so I can actually use them instead of being merely for decoration purposes like some of my other bags.

I love the other bags and clutches found on Estella’s Etsy store! It’s super fashionable and if you are looking to stand out and be different, while being environmentally friendly, then you need to check out her products!

Happy shopping!