Sunology Natural Sunscreen Crème for Face

To me summer smells like sunscreen and coconut scented tanning oil. Or at least that was what I think it should smell like. Unfortunately if you use Sunology’s Natural Sunscreen it won’t smell anything like that. But you will be using a sunscreen that includes no chemicals that are normally found in sunscreen’s active ingredients, which is more important to me and my skin.

Sunology’s Crème for Face boasts an SPF 50 that is ultra water-resistant and contains natural vitamins (A, C & E) and antioxidants. It also contains no water, fillers or diluents, only 100% ingredients. This sunscreen is a concentrated form, which requires you to use much less than you normally might with conventional sunscreens. They claim a dime size amount is enough to cover your face and neck. I may have still used my usual (more than dime size) amount, since I wouldn’t have the chance to reapply it throughout the day. This was a great test to the quality of this product, as it truly left me sunburn free after a day in a cloud-free sun. I was sunburn free, with the exception of my nose, which I may not have put any or enough sunscreen on. Leaving it a bit redder than the rest of my face. Which is only user error, not a negative mark on the product’s performance.

Understanding that sunscreen blocks the sun is great, but also understanding that it usually does this by using unnatural chemicals in traditional sunscreens that may also bring along chemicals that can disrupt out body’s normal states without us knowing it. Sunology specifically lists many of the known chemicals found in traditional sunscreens, which it does not contain. I take my precautions about what I put on my skin the same way I do for what I eat. Striving to use those products that are natural organic or contain the least amount of chemicals as possible. It is my personal preference to not be dependent on man made chemicals in my daily life and for those who may share the same preference I believe you will be happy with this sunscreen’s chemical free ingredient list. Just don’t expect it to be a fantastic scent. Sunology also offers sunscreen lotion for kids, body and a SPF 35 sport stick. So be on the lookout for review of these other products as well in the near future.