The Natural Dentist

I think I have been using the same toothpaste since I started college in 2002. It is not that I am locked into some weird bathroom ritual three times a day, I just really like it. So I knew going into my trial of The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth & Gums Toothpaste and Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse that I would have preconceived reservations. As per my normal ritual, I began with the tooth paste. After applying the necessary quantity of paste to my soft-bristle toothbrush, I got down to brass tax.
the natural dentist

At the conclusion of three minutes of brushing, I found my teeth sufficiently clean. The peppermint twist that was promised was a bit disappointing, but I was holding out for the mouthwash. After rinsing my mouth with this strangely red brew for about thirty seconds, I rinsed with water and experienced the moment. Even with the lack of alcohol in its list of ingredients it was surprisingly refreshing. Although I would not use of either by themselves, the combination of the two was nice. Also pleasant is the lack of dyes, alcohol, artificial ingredients and superfluous chemicals. If natural oral products peak your interest, you should check these products out at and download a $2 off couponl