Recycle Tote

It’s difficult to find out any information on what this bag is made out of since the company’s website doesn’t have it listed in their product section.

What I can tell you about this tote is that is a really great size, high quality fabric with the most obvious of designs silk screened onto it.

Although unsure it seems as though this tote is made completely of cotton including the threading. I may be wrong but it is quite soft and still strong. There is no product or company tag on the bag, either on the inside or out. The only way I knew who makes it is by the business card that was stapled the bag.

The design is straight, simple and to the point. It is a green recycle logo. Not only is it simple but it is not a perfect silk screen. It bleeds a little which makes it look raw. It bleeds in a good way.

For those who prefer buying products only made in the USA I do not think this is for you as it appears as though it is made in India as that is where the company is based.

I have been using this bag to carry food and things to and from work everyday for a couple of weeks. It fits so much and has held a good 10 pounds of stuff that I know of including a heavy camera.

As far as food shopping, if you were to bring a bag this size you would need a lot of a bags. I wouldn’t recommend it for refilling a kitchen. This bag is better for small trips for food or to the drug store, etc…

Recycled Logo Bag