Simply Gum

Simply Gum is another product that caught my eye at Natural Products Expo East. Since mainstream gum is so bad for you, I have eliminated it and replaced it with organic mints from Trader Joe’s since I couldn’t find anything that was natural enough that I liked. However, with this gum available now I might go back to enjoying gum as well.

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This interesting looking gum from NYC comes in six unique flavors, ranging from sweet to savory. They come in cute, simply labeled boxes with gum NOT individually wrapped. This was the most pleasant surprise to me when I opened a box of gum. Unique to this brand, it also features a slot in the box that has used gum papers. It is a nice convenience because not everyone saves the wrapper from the gum they started chewing. Even if you don’t dispose of your gum properly, it is biodegradable so you could essentially toss it into your compost pile since it is made from natural ingredients.

Simply Gum is here to change the gum scene by using 4 out of 6 organic ingredients. Don’t worry about the “Natural Flavor” on the ingredient list, it just contains steam distilled essential oils or extracts that are derived from the plants, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant materials. That’s much more natural than other companies who are using synthetic gum base! Perhaps Simply Gum will soon be able to source all of their ingredients to be organic, which would be really great!

The flavors of the gum are not exactly common, but that’s ok because they shouldn’t deter you from trying them. Consider them flavor enhancers, as they aren’t as tangy as I was expecting. I’ve never been a fan of cinnamon gum, candy or toothpaste, it was always too shockingly spicy. Yet I was so surprised to not get that spicy feeling with this cinnamon gum! The flavor doesn’t last long, but that isn’t what they are promoting. Simply Gum is creating a gum that is better for you, so there are some sacrifices to be made. It’s not great for blowing bubbles but that’s ok too.

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Ginger, Maple, Coffee, Fennel Licorice and Mint are the flavors that Simply Gum offers. All of the gums have the same look, uncoated and brown looking pet food. But don’t let that scare you off! I promise it is totally worth the health benefits for this non-mainstream looking gum. By chewing Simply Gum, you are avoiding artificial substances and sweeteners. These can include aspartame and some components that are also used in the manufacturing of car tires, plastic bottles and white glue! Unfortunately the FDA allows conventional brands to hide up to 80 synthetic ingredients in the term “gum base” on their label. Thankfully none of this appears in Simply Gum’s ingredient lists. I’m glad they chose to create something is way better for you!

To find Simply Gum in a store near you, use their product locator or purchase online. I’ve already found this awesome gum at my local Whole Foods!