RU Ved Culinary Spices

RU Ved SpicesRU Veds spice blends are made from organic and wildcrafted herbs. They are made by one of the top Ayurvedic herbal companies in the US.

According to RU Ved, “Ayurveda is the ancient system of healing from India, you are what you eat, and spices that benefit one’s unique constitution have therapeutic properties that help to digest food and  absorb nutrients better.

I sampled the ProVita and ProVata blends. Each one corresponds to the “dosha” that you are. I forget which “dosha” I am.

Since Ayurveda is based in India the blends have a curry like flavor to them. I used them to make sauces and on salads.

My preference of the two was toward ProVata. It had a milder taste and was made up of bcardamom, ginger, cloves, cumin, coriander seeds, fennel, and rock salt.

The PropPita was good, but the flavor was more unfamiliar. The ingredients in it are mango powder, dried coriander leaves, mint, pomegranate seeds, fennel, basil, cumin and rock salt.