Purple Frog Aromatherapy Patches

Have you ever considered what is really in your air fresheners? How do companies actually bottle that “just washed linen” smell? I doubt they are constantly doing laundry. Simple thinking like this isn’t always the concern of customers when they purchase room sprays and aerosol air fresheners. I personally try to dissect all products and see how healthy they are for me. Aerosol air fresheners and the wall plug-in types really aren’t that great and don’t usually use high quality essential oils to create their products.

This is where Purple Frog is a better company. They’ve created an aromatherapy filled patch that can be applied anywhere; clothing, pillows, shower, furniture, any place you need a great scent. The scents offered by Purple Frog include Snooze Button, Insect Shield and Air Awakening.

Purple Frog-2

I first used Snooze Button to help calmly fall asleep. I placed it near the corner of my bed but I guess not close enough because it wasn’t as strong of a scent as I was expecting. That could also be because when I went to “pop” it to activate it, most of the scent was released onto my fingers.

Purple Frog-1

I personally struggle with activating the patches. Despite the what the instruction say, I would suggest the best way to activate them would be to “pop” them while they are against a hard surface and not between your fingers only. That usually means leaving them attached to the sticker sheet, pressing on the patch until it releases and then remove and place patch as needed.

Though you can stick these patches anywhere, I would suggest wearing them on your clothes. That is the closest they can be to nose (without putting it on your face,) so you will get the best benefits from it. That goes for all of them except Snooze Button, I would suggest you place directly on your pillow. If you wore it on your clothes it is likely your sheets would smother the scent.

Purple Frog-4

I wore Insect Shield while on an overnight camping trip with good success. I’m not certain if it was too early in the season for bugs, but I felt better being protected with a natural scent. Though other bugs might disappear during colder temps, ticks are always out and never really disappear, not even in winter. So I was glad that during camping I was protected with this patch and report no ticks were found. Though I’m sure one patch at a time is recommended for wear, if it was extra buggy out, I wouldn’t mind adding more patches to my clothes. It is really nice to wear the patches and avoid putting any sprays or oils directly on your clothes or skin. I’ve found other sprays have stained my clothes. This is thankfully not the case with these patches.

Purple Frog-3

Air Awakening is great to use while working on the computer and when you first wake up to help you fully be alert. They even recommend taking a patch into the shower to allow the warm steam and aromatherapy to combine for even more potent scent.

Each package has 12 patches, which retail for $11.95, so that is $.99 each patch, which sounds like a good deal for portable aromatherapy anywhere. Since it isn’t so easy to pop these patches, you don’t have to worry about accidently releasing their scent if you pack them in your luggage under something heavy. They also come in zip bags to help keep the scent in, for extra protection keep them in their cardboard boxes too! Get your favorite scent on Purple Frog’s website here.