Turtle Mountain Purely Decadent Dairy Free Pomegranate Chip Soy Ice Cream Review

August 11, 2007

Wow, that’s a long title, but it’s worth it…http://www.turtlemountain.com/products/purely_decadent_pomegranate_chip.htmlI can?t really describe how I feel about the Pomegranate Chip dairy free dessert with out using all capital letters…. Not much protein, but who needs it, it?s dessert!!Check out the previous reviews on Turtle Mountain here and visit their site, turtlemountain.com, for coupons and more.

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Clean clothing from Method Home

August 9, 2007

I tried the dryer cloths to see if my clothes would come out feeling any softer than usual, and remarkably, they do. Dryer cloths are still made from paper (un-green), but they make up for it by using plant-based softeners, coconut-derived emulsifier, oil fragerance and purified water.

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Milk Review

August 7, 2007

Before I tell you about the health benefits of hemp milk, Im going to give you some background on Manitoba Harvest…. Manitoba Harvest does not just produce Hemp Milk, they also produce shelled hemp nuts, hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder.Manitobaharvest.com contains more information, locators and an online store too.

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Icebreaker Review. Athletic clothing, not gum

August 5, 2007

True, wool comes from sheep and I normally do not wear wool, but I read about Icebreaker and their policies, and I decided to contact them.While looking at the site, I wanted to know if the company used ethical practices and I was pleasantly surprised that they do…. Actually, it seems that many Australian companies use a torturous method of sheering called Mulesing but not Icebreaker.Jeremy Moon, the founder and CEO of Icebreaker states on their website, our hand-picked pure merino goes in search of the best technology, ethical manufacturing, and environmentally sound practices before it completes its transformation into a hand-made Icebreaker.Reading this made me really excited to try out the new shirts I recently received.

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Kombucha is growing…

August 4, 2007

As we posted back in March, Kombucha is a new all natural, interesting and unique energy drink but with a twist…. Check out the article here and read more about the Leafygreen.info review by clicking this link.

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Melissa’s Salsa Kit Review

August 4, 2007

Melissa?s Salsa Kit contains three small tomatoes, a shallot, two cloves of garlic and a jalape�o…. The kit yielded about two servings of salsa.Melissa?s Guacamole and Salsa Kits are new from Melissa?s and they are really simple to prepare.Check out my other Melissa?s posts here and visit their website, loaded with fun stuff and even more fun produce and grocery items.

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Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea & Sweet Peach Review

August 1, 2007

My late twenties have brought physiological changes that were unexpected.Utilizing organic black tea and organic cane sugar Original Sweet Leaf Tea Sweet Tea is quite sweet, 17 grams of sugar sweet.I was more partial to the Peach Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea…. It was more to my liking.Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea is a great product made by great people that Mike and I had the pleasure of meeting at the Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center a few weeks ago.Check out sweetleaftea.com for more information.

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Hint Tropical Fruit Review

July 31, 2007

Hint’s motto is ?drink water, not sugar,? and when you crack open their bottle of flavored water you do just that…. Forget that overly sweet other stuff and try water with a spritz of flavor.Hint is a new company, but they are already receiving some publicity.

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Seeds of Change Athenian Orzo Review

July 28, 2007

Seeds of Change sells all types of products including salsa, rice and grains, salad dressings and frozen entes, but they also sell their own organic seeds…. The portions are perfect for lunch, and there is not the afterlunch slump that you can get from heavier pasta dishes.Athenian Orzo is also vegetarian.

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