O.N.E. Coffee Berry and Cashew Juice

So I had the chance to try these two juices from O.N.E.. I enjoy their coconut water a lot and was excited to try something new that I didnít even know existed. This was a learning experience as well as a taste test.

ONE coffee berry review
I brought the Coffee Berry Juice with me to work, figuring the natural caffeine would be a nice pick-me-up during the second half of my day. Juice is 100% all natural and has strawberry to add some flavor. While drinking, it def tasted like strawberry, so much so that I donít believe I actually know what a coffee berry tastes like. Now this can be good or bad depending on how they taste alone, so I didnít mind.

Over the weekend I drank the Cashew Juice. Who know that there was a cashew fruit too! This on was all Cashew Juice and I found it to be delicious. With Lots of vitamin C this drink is awesome for me since I like to fend off colds. It contains lots of B vitamins, calcium and iron as well. It claimed to soothe the stomach so I drank after eating hot wings and jalapeŮo poppers. It definitely did the job and my stomach was totally soothedÖ

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If I had to choose one of the two I would have to go with the Cashew Juice, it was a nice flavor I wasnít used to. Coffee Berry just tasted like your regular strawberry juice box. Go out and get some, donít forget their Coconut Water since that one is excellent!!!