Natural Bamboo Hangers

Closet space. It’s something I find that my house lacks, well sort of. Sure my bedroom has a closet in it, but it never seems to be large enough to hold my current season’s clothes. So I never considered investing in nice hangers since I figured they’d take up too much room, I wouldn’t be able to find enough of the same style and a whole slew of other reasons, I never took the plunge. However, I was recently contacted by Ron from, who told me about their line of bamboo hangers they carry as a green alternative to plastic hangers, which mine have been known to snap and bend at times.

I received a large box of a variety of light bamboo hangers (they also offer a dark bamboo color), which included deluxe contoured coat hanger, flat shirt/top hanger, flat suit hanger and pant/suit hanger, all with 360? swivel hook tops. Each hanger style except the pant/skirt hanger (since it’s one piece) is constructed with what seems to be a tongue and groove style for each side of the hanger, helping to make it extremely strong. This construction also allows the hanger to have zero rough edges, keeping a super smooth and elegant design. To have all matching hangers is pretty sweet too, it really bumps up the fanciness of my closets.

I began switching out my hall closet, where a majority of coats are stored. This is where the durable 1” thick Deluxe Contoured Coat Hanger was helpful to take over for a sadly sagging plastic hanger that was trying to hold up my winter coat. It really was not a problem at all for the hanger, though that was the only coat that I felt benefited from the extra durability. Unfortunately for my small closet space, I didn’t think I would have enough room to use 1” thick hangers on all coats and jackets since these hangers do take up a bit of space, which my plastic hangers never really did. So I outfitted the rest of the closet with the Flat Shirt/Top hangers, which worked out just fine. I get a bit giddy when pulling out my jacket because of just how “finished” the hangers help the closet to look.

With some left over hangers I decided to tackle my own personal closet. This task also helped to assist my in swapping out my clothes for the season (something I barely get around to doing in time.) It also helped me to find a lot more clothes that I barely wore for one reason or another, so I will end up donating those instead. With my clothing collection paired down, I began swapping out hangers of items I felt would benefit the best from new ones. Unfortunately regular shirts (short and long sleeve) were left out of this decision since the Flat Shirt/Top and Flat Suit hangers were still thicker than my original plastic ones, coming in at 7/16” thickness I didn’t have the spare space to swap out all items, but hopefully one day I will.

My sweaters all got updated, but this is where I found most of my sweaters would have benefitted from a bit of non-slip material on the hanger. In the hanger accessory section of they do offer rubber hanger strips that would be just right for my problem. But I think I may just add a bit of velvet tape to the hanger instead, since the rubber strips only come in a box of 100 and it’s doubtful I would need that many. So just beware that your chunky sweaters might be a challenge for these hangers without the non-slip grip.

My skirts and dress pants had no problem with the Pant/Skirt hanger as the alligator clips adjusted the whole length of the hanger and had cool little silicone bumpers inside the clips, as to help to not dent your clothes. The thickness of this hanger is the thinnest one I was sent, being only 5/8” thick.

Since I skipped my tops and gym clothes from being transferred to the bamboo hangers, the last items that I included in the swap was my collection of hoodies and light jackets. I figured those weren’t that heavy either, so they went onto the Flat Shirt/Top hangers. It helped to allow the hoodies and jackets to all match just as the coats in my other closet do now.

These bamboo hangers helped to give my closets a fresh, updated look and helped me cleanout in the process. A huge thanks to for letting us know how great bamboo hangers can be! If you are looking for more than just bamboo hangers, they’ve got tons more options to choose from, but the eco-friendly option is our favorite.