Milo’s Tea is Tearrific

Freshly brewed, all natural, no preservatives, no additives and tasty. What else do you need? Milo’s tea is unique in that respect. The Sweet Tea is just that. Freshly brewed from a combination of different teas with sugar added to make this the true southern sweet tea. I practically finished the gallon in one sitting it was so good. The dark brownish red color and the sugary smell made this tea perfect for my lunchtime pick-me up. Then it was on to the No Sugar Tea. Or as i call it, Hot Tea Cold. The tea was perfectly blended from multiple teas and chilled to make this the perfect morning tea for breakfast. Lastly, i have been drinking the Splenda sweetened sweet tea. Same flavor as the sweet tea in my opinion, but without the calories from the sugar. The rich dark brown/red color of the teas make these teas separate from some of those other teas you may find in the store. These are natural and real. No artificial stuff thrown in there to prolong the shelf-life.

Made in Alabama, Milo’s has been around for over sixty years. They know tea and the proof is in the bottles. has so much more information too. Check it out. And to see pictures, click here and here.