Atlantic City Beer Festival

Woke up around 9:30AM to get ready to go. We had a beer, got cleaned up and marched over the the festival. It was chilly out, but the sun started to come out and it was warming up. Tim forgot his ticket, and Gary totally hooked him up! I didn’t mention that Keith’s parents where they also.

They opened the doors and we headed on it. We toasted and started down the aisles of tasty frothy brews, sampling and getting free sssshwag when available. I got the opportunity to talk to some of the people that actually work for the breweries not just the AC Convention Hall employees and discuss my sister site for some reviews.

Some of my favorite brews were the Milk Stout from Lancaster Brewing Company (Pa), the Sunset Wheat from Leinenhugel’s from Wisconsin, the organics from Wolaver’s (VT), of course, anything Dogfish does (Delaware). I loved the Arrogant stuff also. There were so many I can’t even remember more. I remember the ones I really liked however.

The Wolaver’s was great. The beer was simple and elegant, a great mixture, but it tasted clean and refreshing. Since they use all organic products in the brew process there is a different feel to it. It tastes clean, that’s all I can explain really. I’d suggest trying some out!

I’ve also been wanted to try the Milk Stout from Lancaster since I had the Amish Four Grain. I was not disappointed. Shizzle, it was good. Sweet and stouty. Different then the traditional Beamish or Guinness. Very sweet and heavy. But in a good way. Like a alcoholic milk shake. Yum!!!!!

The festival is still young, only the second annual, so there is much need for improvement and here’s what was good and what was bad.


  • Plenty of vendors both independent & major companies
  • Ample walking area
  • Music, both live and musak
  • Not too much security
  • People came for the festival not just randomly showed up
  • Beer selections where great and nonstop
  • Electric beer cooler that i drove drunk on
  • The jalape?o breadstick from The Chile Spot and the peach jelly too


  • Long Men’s bathroom lines (expected)
  • Not enough food
  • Plastic mini pilsner glass
  • Needed prizes or something else to break up the day
  • No where to check coats for those who brought them
  • Arrangement of vendors felt sort of random and hodge podge, not organized
  • Not too many hot girls. The busted czech ones don’t count, obviously
  • Not enough indie food company vendors. I think there were only three
  • Not too many places to sit

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