Last Minute Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Are you a last minute shopper? With Christmas only a week away, there’s no doubt some people are scrambling to get their holiday shopping done in time. So I’ve complied a few last minute gifts that will help you out for the person in your life that cares for the environment.  These are items I used and loved, so you know they are approved!




Get rid of your vampire power draining phone charger/cable and upgrade to Velvetwire. It’s a high speed charging cable that is paired with a smart charging adapter.  Charing cables come in four different sizes – half meter, 1 meter, 2 meter and 3 meter.  It knows when your phone is completely charger and turns off any further charging. It can also turn the charging back on if your phone discharges enough too. I’ve loved my 2 meter cable and charged for years and feel much better that my phone won’t be overcharged and I can reduce my energy consumption. They’ve upgraded to include a Bluetooth version that has a recommended app which reminds you to plug in your Apple device if nearby and needs a charge and even shows how much time is remaining until fully charged. It also can alert you if the charger is left behind in a hotel room.


Cell phones are quite expensive and keep getting more expensive each year. So it’s pretty much required to wrap your phone in a durable case to protect your investment from the elements and likely your clumsy self. Yet, what happens to our phone cases once these rubber shells stop being useful to protect? We ditch them in the trash to gather in the landfill. How about getting a Pela case, which is made from plant-based materials, that is biodegradable in your home compost or commercial compost pile. They offer plain or inspirational logo embossed versions and tons of colors.



Digital Documentary Download

Why not send a digital download of some of the latest sustainable documentaries? Besides the eco-docs you may find on Netflix, there are many independent films out there. Below are a few of my favorite documentaries.

Reuse Because – Because You can’t recycle the planet

Minimalism – A documentary about important things

Fed Up – It’s time to get real about food

The True Cost – Who pays the price for our clothing?

Forks Over Knives – Plant-based diet can help eliminate or control diseases

OMG GMO – Relationship between genetically modified food and young children

Plastic Paradise – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Lorax – For The Kids, “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”


Homemade Treats

If you decide to gift a sustainable flick, why not provide some movie munchies? Make it plastic free by grabbing ingredients from the bulk bins. Easy treats can be homemade granola from bulk oats, caramel popcorn from bulk kernels or sugared nuts from bulk almonds, cashews or peanuts. If you gift these treats in a reused glass jar, you’ve created a great homemade eco-gift.



High Strung Jewelry

I’ve loved this upcycled jewelry since I first came across their booth at a local hot air balloon festival years ago. All the jewelry is made from 100% used guitar strings. High Strung Studios offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains and even upcycled greeting cards. They’ve really expanded their offerings since I purchased my rings.  If you want to support a small business, this is a great one that I recommend.


Ten Tree

Another wonderful company that does good when you shop is Ten Tree. For each item purchased they plant 10 trees. Currently they planted over 17,000 trees from purchases. Their clothing is made from environmentally progressive fabrics like good for you: organic cotton, recycled polyester, cork or coconut. My favorite in the above pictured juniper hoodie with tree graphics!


For Kids

If you’re on the hunt for a kid friendly gift, how about some organic and vegan sidewalk chalk made from veggies? You still shouldn’t eat them but they are non-toxic and naturally safe for the little ones to handle.


Hopefully these suggestions help to finish your last minute shopping and also help the earth at the same time.


Note: This post contains some affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you choose to buy something via my link. This helps to support the maintenance of running my website.