Konifer Taiga Bamboo Watch

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I’ve never particularly had a strong fashion sense. So over the years I’ve just opted for basic clothing and spiced up the outfit with some accessories. Necklaces tend to be my go-to choice because they are easy to put on. They don’t require the struggling that bracelets sometimes do.

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To avoid constantly looking at my phone to check the time often, I began wearing a fitness watch. However, the problem with that is that it is obviously a fitness style watch. This isn’t the most fashionable item to have on your wrist when you are trying to look the opposite of gym-ready.

So for those times that step goals don’t matter, I opted for this sustainable watch from Canadian company, Konifer. With most things in life, I tend to make informed purchases, voting with my money instead of buying into what is trendy and possibly harmful to the environment. This watch is made from bamboo, which is an extremely sustainable material because of the fast growth rate it has compared to traditional wood watches.

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Konifer truly understands the importance of caring for the environment, by using sustainable woods and pledging to plant a tree for every watch purchased via We Forest. Their watches come with a 5 year warranty of their beautiful craftsmanship.

This Taiga model is a unisex watch. With an oversized watch face, which allows it to be a statement piece for women. No other jewelry is even needed to compliment this piece, as it stands out for itself. It is just the right size watch face for any gentlemen who are interested in this model watch.

The watchband from the manufacturer is a very generous size, so most women will need to have it adjusted. I have a very small wrist, so a lot of links had to be removed. It was a simple task for the local jeweler to take care of for me. Finding time to go to the jeweler was the hardest part of having links removed.


Though no other jewelry is needed, since this watch doubles as jewelry. It is always fun to accessorize. The bracelets I would pair with this watch are eco-friendly themselves also. The circular beads are acai seed that have been carved and dyed. The other bracelet has paper beads that are created from unused Disney World Park maps, it was purchased at Epcot years ago. The ring was purchased earlier this year at Green Envy Boutique and is made from telephone wire. My silver rings are made from used guitar strings. Sustainable fashion is where it is at!

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I am so thrilled with the quality and workmanship of this watch, I just wish it had a couple more features to help make it even more amazing. Konifer can you consider adding a date dial to all of your watches, not just some? How about some extra illuminating/glow-in-the-dark paint in the watch hands? I can tell it is supposed to glow, but I’m really straining to see it in the dark. The function of the watch would be off the charts with those few changes.

Konifer has a wide range of watches with different wood options and finishes, see their entire line of watches HERE. To my surprise Konifer also creates sunglasses from sustainable materials also, they offer men’s and women’s specific styles. They are doing great by creating sustainable fashion and by doing so, allows consumers to vote with their money.