Good Boy Organics Baked Cheddar Corn Snacks

Snacks for me usually consist of foods that have great staying power – like fruit and peanut butter, granola or veggies and greek yogurt. So it’s rare for me to gobble up a bunch of pre-packaged snacks that you would find in the chip aisle, unless I’m at a party, then a small amount makes it a treat. Good Boy Organics was started because the founder struggled to find organic snacks for his family. I wasn’t sure at first how the Good Boy Organicasaurus (dinosaur shaped) cheddar cheese puffs would be, as my first thought was they were Cheetos’ fun shaped cousins.

Boy was I wrong they are nothing like Cheetos! They are way better, with all organic ingredients and ingredients you can easily identify – except for the sodium citrate and silicon dioxide but those come along with the powdered cheese aspect. These cheese snacks don’t have the neon orange cheese color you’d expect from Doritos, nope they are much more realistic and subtle in their coloring which makes them seem more natural. They are really light and airy in texture, something I can say isn’t found in all cheese puff snacks. Perhaps it comes from being a baked snack, not fried like most other snacks. They are also Non-GMO certified organic and gluten-free. These certifications help to point out how transparent this company is being and doesn’t hide behind “natural flavor” heading. I’m not sure many snack companies can say the same thing about their ingredients.

As I mentioned there were two ingredients that weren’t common to my cooking set, but Good Boy Organics realizes that and even addresses it on their products page. Clearly explaining what silicon dioxide is since it sounds suspicious. To me that is really important considering this food isn’t something straight out of nature. They even have a glossary page on their site to help you understand the differences of terms used. A company that cares about their consumers is certainly the way it should be and I’m happy that it is that way with Good Boy Organics.

Since these snacks don’t have such a vivid orange color I think that may be also why they don’t taste overly cheesy. They mostly have just a hint of cheese flavor, which to me is good too. I wouldn’t want it to be overpowering in flavor. Perhaps we are all just used to overly processed unnatural foods and have a difficult time telling when it is more natural.

Perhaps cheddar cheese isn’t your flavor, they also offer these cute little dinosaurs in a Sea Salty and Tangy Tomato. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to try these additional flavors. Check their website to find locations that sell these great snacks. Good Boy Organics also offer organic baked potato snacks. I’ll be back with a full review and recipe using their parent company, Yellow Barn and their flavorful pasta sauces.