Eppa SuperFruit Red Sangria

Eppa’s SuperFruit Red Sangria is by far my new go-to “grown up” beverage. I am not a huge wine fan, however, the fruity aroma and taste of this sangria is to die for! Due to the bitter tastes of most red wines, and excessive sweetness of sangrias, I rarely consume alcohol. However, this sangria is not too sweet or too strong, like other brands I have tried in the past. Eppa Sangria begins with a gentle mixture of Mendocino Cabernet and Syrah, which originate from Mendocino County, a part of California’s North Coast wine growing region. This product is also certified organic by the CCOF, has twice the antioxidants as a regular glass of wine and only contains 120 calories per glass (5 oz.).

Like many, I am starting the New Year with a resolution to consume healthier foods and beverages. Eppa makes staying committed to my goal a lot easier because their red wine sangria is naturally infused with real organic superfruit juices such as pomegranate, blueberry, Mediterranean blood orange, and acai.
Additionally, another plus in my book is this company’s eagerness to help fellow Americans. I currently live in New Jersey, which was heavily devastated by Hurricane Sandy, leaving many without shelter. Eppa guaranteed that for every bottle of sangria bought online in the month of December, the company will donate a $1 to Sandy Relief.

Eppa is a flavorful toast to the New Year!