Ecotools Cleansing Sponges

ecotools cleansing review

I was hoping for a great product to clean my face and take off my makeup.  Perhaps that was too much to expect from this product or even to be a soft sponge.  These have two different textures on each side of the Ecotools sponges, made with soybean oil and 100% cotton, both sustainable materials.

Before reading the directions I thought these were one-use sponges, I’m happy to say the manufacturer suggests only replacing them monthly so you can make them last longer.  Since there are 12 to a pack they can theoretically last for a year.  If everyone bought and only used these, there would be a lot less waste.

To test out these I use a facial cleanser and water to remove my foundation, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow.  The cleaning sponge easily took off my foundation, however when I had to use it on my eyes it was actually pretty rough and did not help to remove my eye makeup well.  I tried both sides of the sponge hoping it would make a difference, but no luck, both sides were actually pretty rough on my skin.  I would suggest only using these to remove foundation or just overall clean your face, but don’t expect them to clean off any other makeup well.  I wouldn’t really say this is a great product to purchase, since they weren’t as gentle as they claim which is a big requirement for me.