Sigg Mug from

sigg is a website that you can get pretty much anything you need from.  Their logo is “Shamelessly shipped in reused packaging”.  Using boxes from other places instead of creating new ones.  I dig it.

I got a Sigg mug from  I was curious to see how the process went.  When I got the box in the mail, it was a box from Alltell wireless…hmmmnnn.   The label was on it and wahlah, there was my Sigg mugg.  A very cool idea that is doing – using boxes from other places to ship their stuff! is pretty transparent in giving all sorts of info. out on their source material, manufacturing, use and disposal.

The Sigg Metro mug is sleek and looks great.  It’s double walled, “keeps your stuff hot or cold for 6 hours”, yada, yada, yada…but I don’t love it.  I didn’t realize it before but I like to drink my drinks from a sippy hole and not have to take the whole top off the mug to drink.  That’s my only complaint.  When I go to grab a mug from my shelf this is not the one I grab for first.