EcoTensil: Future-Friendly Utensils

Disposable plastic utensils are everywhere lately, frozen yogurt shops, any quick service restaurant, of course any time you get take out food and don’t forget all the tasting chefs do while cooking. Now think about the amount of those plastic utensils used multiplied by the 300 million people that are in the United States (we aren’t even counting the world here.) That’s a heck of a lot of plastic being wasted and possibly not being recycled. Perhaps there’s another alternative? I certainly think there is, by using EcoTensil: Future-Friendly Utensils.

These “spoons” are made from renewable paperboard, similar to milk cartons. Since these utensils are folded paper, they are already smaller and take up less room than standard plastic spoons for shipping and even storing. I think this is nifty because that also allows me to carry these with me if I wanted (and yes I would be the eco-conscience person that would rather bring her own utensils than use plastic ones, every little bit helps.)

I am way more surprised at how durable these spoons are, originally think that they would end up becoming flimsy once introduced to a liquid or wet food. They did not become less durable throughout eating an entire yogurt cup, even when I left the spoon to sit in the food in-between bites. I was even able to use their “SpoonLidz” which is created to fit as the lid for single-serve cups and unfolds to become your eating spoon. Just fold by matching the two printed dots together and you’ve got yourself a spoon.

EcoTensil offers several varaties of spoons, SpoonLidz as I already mentioned as well as EcoSpoon; a full sized spoon, and EcoTasters; used best for small tastes, in mini and mid sizes. The EcoTasters are super discreet for Moms to always have on hand in their bags for easy access whenever kids need to eat.

Since being made from renewable FSC paperboard they have the Gold Standard of Sustainable Forest Management. Though there are other “biodegradable” alternatives, these aren’t usually recyclable and may not be accepted at compost facilities.

I see no reason why these wouldn’t be a good idea for the earth and your lifestyle, if we all help a little bit it all adds up.

What do you think about these EcoTensils? Would you try them?