DIY Upcycled Custom Cufflinks

I wanted to share this really cool present I made for a friend. This particular friend has always been challenging to shop for, so I thought that a more meaningful gift (instead of mass produced) was a good choice. Usually we both prefer to receive experiences for gifts instead of material things, but this was a special occasion that I wanted him to have a little something to remember it by.


For this project you just need a few items, most of which you probably already have:

  • Two Pennies (of a sentimental year preferably) or any other coin you prefer to use.  It is optional to clean your coins back to their original shine. I prefer patina to items, so I left mine uncleaned.
  •  Cufflink Blanks (I found mine on Amazon)
  • A strong adhesive epoxy like JB Weld (which is what I used) or Crazy Glue



  1. Add a small amount of adhesive to the surface of the cufflink plate, leaving some room around the edge. (Don’t add too much or the adhesive will squeeze out the edge when the coin is placed.)
  2. Gently press the coin into the adhesive, noting which side of the coin has the year and facing that up. Place coin and cufflink on a hard surface penny-side down, to allow it to dry with some weight
  3. Repeat Step 2 with second coin and cufflink.
  4. Wait the manufacturer’s recommended drying time or overnight for the adhesive to dry. Then enjoy your custom gift!