Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit

I was very open to the idea of freeze-dried fruit after I had tried a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich and found it pleasant and creamy. However freeze-dried fruit from Crispy Green is a bit different than I had expected, depending on the fruit.

I truly enjoy fresh fruit, a juicy ripe apple is so refreshing. So to enjoy freeze-dried apples that are dried crispy pieces of their former fresh selves are a bit disappointing. The apples seemed to be a bit chewy and not as robust of apple flavor as a fresh would be.
Though the nutritional facts for this snack are fantastic. One bag is the equivalent to one piece of fruit. As well as the only ingredients are apples, no extra sugar or unpronounceable ingredients, which I think is one of the fantastic things about these products. All of their fruits only contain fruit which is package at their very best.

These are a good to-go snack, especially for their vacuum sealed packages. Though I would still choose fresh fruit over dried if both were available. But a great choice as an emergency snack to keep in your purse.

When left out, not in a sealed container the apples became soft and not crunchy but chewy. More of the consistency of a marshmallow, which might be more beneficial to those who don’t prefer crunch to their fruits.

Instead of having the fruit alone, I chose to include banana pieces as a topping for my yogurt. The texture was fantastic and helped to bring a crunch and more creaminess to my otherwise regular yogurt. I prefer to enjoy these freeze-dried fruits as add-ons to my snacks and meal instead of by themselves.

Crispy Green offers 6 varieties of freeze-dried fruit individually packaged or you can purchase a convenient 6 pack of individually wrapped fruits. They are currently offering free shipping on all orders over $75.