Caldrea Blackcurrant Mint Candle

When I was first presented a candle to review made by Caldrea, I was unsure what made a candle “eco-friendly.”  Why would this candle be better for the environment than other candles?  Well many scented hours later, with a bit of research, I have my answer.

The Caldrea candle I was asked to review is labeled “Blackcurrant Mint”, a scent I’m not all that familiar with.  The smell was a fruity, clean smell with a hint of grapefruit.  I tried to use the Caldrea candle often to get a feel for how well it worked.  The blackcurrant candle melted evenly and cleanly, without me having to clean soot off the glass.  I would trim the wick when cool to limit the flame size.  This was just done with my fingers, no scissors necessary.) Unfortunately I did not keep track of the exact amount of hours the Caldrea candle was actually burning, but letting it burn a few hours a day has let me enjoy this candle for several months. My room finally didn’t smell like a man’s bedroom.  However, I did learn that if the candle was left burning for too long the smell would get a bit too intense.  By limiting the burn time, I was able extend the life of the candle.

What makes this candle eligible for a Leafygreen review?  Well first off the wick is made with a cotton and paper core.     Second, the wax is made from a sustainable vegetable wax.  This lowers the impact on our environment by not using resources that, in other non eco-friendly candles, quite literally go up in smoke.  As an added bonus, the packaging also tells me that there was no animal testing used when choosing the various ingredients.

All in all I was pleased with the performance of this eco-friendly candle by Caldrea.  Though strong if used constantly, small doses kept my room scented pleasantly like “Blackcurrant Mint” and kept my earth-friendly conscious clear.