Becky Redman

I Heart the Environment. That?s obvious because I launched over a year ago with all good intentions of creating a site for the green-minded individual who wants to go greener.

Becky Redman?s unique messages are cheeky, feisty and a bit bold, but I heart her ideas. Screened on a beige canvas bag, the passive color of white lettering boldly declares Fucking Recycle printed in the classic font Helvetica inside a large block of light pink. That statement right there says it all. The bag is a statement that recycling is no joke and it should not be taken lightly. The bag is strong and sturdy and rather large too. I have brought it shopping to all types of stores. I am hesitant to use it at the grocery store for fear that it will get dirty.

Becky Redman Fucking Recycle

The bag is quite spacious. I have managed to fit two days worth of clothes for a weekend trip and more. It?s awesome. Lala says that it?s too feminine to walk around with, so she always steals it, but I think she loves it more than me. What do you think of the bag? It?s totally masculine!

Swear words are not always the answer, but it gets the point across when you need to, so Fucking Recycle! It?s the right thing to do.

Becky Redman Fucking Recycle

Becky hearts the environment too. She even made an awesome poster on recycled paper to prove it. As seen proudly mounted on my living room wall, I?m thrilled that someone made such an appealing poster. Becky?s poster is printed on lightweight recycled paper, but it?s in Metric sizes (A1), so be warned if you want to mount it in a frame.

The small red heart is centered on the page with the words, The Environment, on the bottom of the poster. The bold black Helvetica really exhibits the classic feel to the poster. I love the poster because it looks great, says a message and has the recycled look to it. Becky is based out of the UK, so the poster was shipped overseas and it shows, but I think that adds to the character of the poster itself.

i heart the environment

If you don?t like either of those statements, I am sure you will be able to find something you will like. Check out Becky?s website which doubles as her online art gallery. It?s truly wonderful and eye-catching. Mr. T likes it too!