Ayala Herbal Water

Herbal Water… What?s that? It is simply flavored water. Ayala?s Herbal Water is flavored naturally with flavors like lemongrass, vanilla, cinnamon and lavender. Odd flavors for a beverage, but there are health reasons for this. The herbs were previously used for medical purposes and continue to be used for the same reasons.

ayala herbal water

I drank a bottle of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon herbal water. At first, I was confused, but after the second sip, I was convinced. This water is no joke. It is like chai tea without the tea. The herbs do not pack too much punch, they are very well balanced and blend well together.

No calories, no sugar, no protein, just water and all natural flavors. I am interested in trying more.

At least Ayala is Carbon Neutral and uses eco-friendly companies for paper products.