Zevia Cola

Sounds like some sort of character from Star Wars, but it?s not, silly Jedi. Zevia contains Stevia also known as sweet leaf. It?s an herb from the rainforest. It?s a natural alternative to sugar and is gaining popularity nationwide. Legally it is not to be used as a food additive, but is approved as a dietary supplement. Companies like Coca-Cola use Stevia in their beverages outside of the USA because of the FDA regulations in America.

Zevia Soda

Zevia jumped on the bandwagon and use Stevia in their line of healthy, sugar free sodas. Zevia Cola does indeed have the distinct cola flavoring sans the unhealthy artificial ingredients. Zevia’s calorie count is under 5 per serving; thereby Zevia is a satisfactory choice for healthy soda drinkers.

I first read about Zevia from Hungry Girl and she liked it, so maybe you will too. Don?t trust our word; pick up a can for yourself.

Zevia currently has three choices, Cola, Twist (Lemon Lime) and Orange. Come on back for two more reviews. Did I mention Zevia is all gluten free and vegan?