Xtrema Skillet

whats cooking

After using this skillet for the last few weeks or so, I decided it was time to write about it. The heat is thoroughly and evenly distributed and food cooks really well. The high sides make it a great tool for sauces or full dishes in one pan. The trivet is designed to match the base of the skillet and it fits like a glove. Overall, it works well.

Why I’m reviewing cookware? It’s eco-friendly of course, here how.
The skillet is made from ceramics and does not contain metal. It also is oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, broiler and table safe. It’s a multi-talented skillet!


Because of the eco-friendly properties of ceramics, there are no toxins in the dish so none can seep into your food while it’s being cooked. The cookware has a 50 year warranty but do not drop it, that is NOT covered. Ceramic is fragile, so be careful.

There are so many more facts I could list, but back to the review. It’s not too heavy, very sturdy, but I’m just afraid of how it cleans. So far so good, but you really have to give it a good scrubbing to get it nice and clean.

I got to support my Jersey friends over at Ceramcor. Check out their site for soon to be released products.