Whole Foods Market all-natural cleaning products

whole foods marketJust when I thought I loved Whole Foods as much as possible, they have now come out with The Whole Foods Market all-natural cleaning products line. I was lucky enough to review some of these products and fully agree with the quote: “Cleanliness and organization needn’t come at the expense of the environment or your wallet. These Whole Foods Market and 365 Everyday Value cleaners come in biodegradable and recyclable bottles and boxes and are non-toxic, super-affordable ways to win the war on dirt.”

I tested the Whole Foods Market Liquid Dish Soap in Mandarin Ginger and the Whole Foods Market Laundry Detergent in Lavender. What I respect about these cleaning products is not only do they smell so great, they actually are the real thing. Essential oils are added to bring these natural scents to the products. That means the scent of lavender did not come from a laboratory.

I would highly recommend these cleaning products because the quality is excellent, and the price is right. Just don’t tell anyone I have enjoyed doing my laundry lately.