Terro Fruit Fly Trap

terro fly trap

When you have fruit flies they can definitely be a huge pain to deal with and get rid of. I usually make my own homemade contraption that does a decent job of solving the problem

This is why I was excited to receive Terro’s Fruit Fly Trap. It was definitely more visually appealing than my homemade device. The trap is shaped like a small apple.

The liquid that is used to attract the fruit flies is claims to be non-toxic, but I’m unsure of the actual ingredients. For my homemade trap, I used some apple cider vinegar.

When I did a side by side comparison, my homemade trap capture many more fruit flies.

The biggest disappointment is that the trap and liquid are made from single-use plastics. So yes the liquid is non-toxic, but the rest of the design isn’t very environmentally friendly.

The biggest advantage to this item is it’s design, but that’s hard to justify for the $7.99 asking price.