The Water Filter Pitcher Showcase

As an avid water drinker, it’s important to me to have a water filter that works well, filters out the bad stuff from my tap water and fits in the fridge.  Well, PUR fails in 1 category.  It does fit in the fridge, the flavor feature is a bonus but the unnatural flavor additives aren’t my cup of water and the  filter does work BUT, the issue I hated about this is simple.

It takes about 60 minutes to filter the water down from the top tank into the filtered water tank.  It really is annoying.  I tried 2 different filters and tried repositioning and reseating the filter multiple times and still, nothing.  I did a test side by side with ZeroWater’s pitcher and that one was even worse.  It filtered everything bad out and even comes with a tool to measure the level of unwanted particles, but ZeroWater takes about 30-35 minutes to fill up and the lid did not stay in place when pouring.  The shaky lid left my pants very wet one day and that was not cool… well, it was cold water, but it really wasn’t pleasant.  One positive part of ZeroWater’s filter is that it has a rear button to release water when it’s already in the refrigerator.  That’s neat.

Now, I hate throwing away products and adding to the landfills, but after a year, I think it’s time to find a new water filter that works well and does NOT take two rounds of filling water to get a cold cup of filtered water.  I need suggestions.  What do you use ?  Are there any companies that actually have filters that fit into multiple different filter products.  If I use a tap-mounted filter and a fridge filter, can you make the actual filter replacement part the same size.  Come on, don’t claim green and make us buy many different filters and leave us confused and annoyed.